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Martin Heron‘s sculptures sitting either side of the pedestrian bridge over the Grand Union Canal, part of the award winning Wolverton Park development  – mentioned here on Lillabullero soon after they were erected – have had their official ‘opening’.  Here the nineteenth century Bloomer locomotive, of the type once built at the railway works can be clearly seen.

Meanwhile, on the northern bank of the canal, the spring heeled stainless steel superhero appears to be gesturing to oncomers, but closer examination reveals a history of the bicycle, referencing the velodrome that used to grace a spot nearby.

Here’s how the MK Citizen, one of the local papers, reported on the sculptures, telling who was behind their commissioning and describing the involvement of the local community in the process.

Photographs © Dave Quayle


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Briefly, a photographic world first for Lillabullero!

Having made use of my oldie’s concessionary bus pass this sunny first day of March, I did alight at Wolverton where I failed to buy anything in the Oxfam Bookshop and moderately hasted my way to the banks of the Grand Union Canal.  Happenstance this fine piece of sculpture was being slotted into its allotted place:

That’s a ‘Bloomer’ on her arm, a steam locomotive built at Wolverton Works, mid-nineteenth century, and those are representations of railway tracks making up the body.  And on the other side of the canal, acknowledgment of – among many things – another mode of transport:

These are the work of Martin Heron.
You can find further details of his Wolverton Park concept here.

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